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Founded in 1988, LAKMA specializes in the wide field of construction chemicals, insulation systems, as well as household and professional detergents. Our company has been at the top of its game for years, being one of the leaders in the domestic and European market. The motto of our company is to continuously develop new technologies and products, as well as care for the environment.
Our 25-year experience in the development and introduction of domestic and professional chemicals, let us create many new and innovative product lines, such as Perlux — combining washing powder and gel into single capsules, or Preseptol — a specialized line of products for disinfection.

Perlux are super-concentrated washing capsules, which thanks to hybrid technology combine the best features of washing powders and gels. Perlux products are a true innovation in the market of detergents with extremely advanced technology, and most importantly, give the best results in removing difficult stains.

Apart from a wide range of cleaning agents for individual customers, LAKMA offers a range of professional chemicals directed to institutions. Anyone who is serious about high standards of hygiene and impeccable cleanliness of a company or public institution, should use the products from the Preseptol or Profibasic series. They allow rapid disinfection of surfaces resistant to water and alcohol. They are intended for use in health care units, nursing homes, catering facilities, and hotel premises. They can be used on all floor surfaces, these above floors, as well as equipment, and they guarantee microbiological purity.

LAKMA CEO, Józef Ziętek once said that the source of success was always the customer. Listening to our clients, anticipating their current and future needs, is the primary determinant for our activities at LAKMA. This is why our products are safe, effective, and convenient to use. One of the latest achievements of LAKMA was obtaining the title of the Market Leader of Innovation 2013 — Quality, Creativity, Effectiveness, awarded by the editors of the "Strefa Gospodarki" website.

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