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Dywanlux - Anti-Allergen Carpet Cleaner - Marine

capacity: 500 ml

With this liquid you will clean carpets, furniture and car upholstery. The product is perfect for removing all kinds of dirt, pollen, dust mites and animal hair!

Very high efficiency is in no way harmful for fabrics on which the cleaner is used. The product protects fibres and does not damage colours. Also, it effectively removes all kinds of dirt and pollen, as well as animal hair. It is suitable especially in areas where people who suffer from allergies live. It will also be appreciated by people who appreciate wonderful scents. Dywanlux has a great marine scent, which lasts for a long time after cleaning.

Product characteristics:
- Excellent washing properties;
- Leaves pleasant and long-lasting scent;
- Safe for fabrics;
- Reduces allergens.

Instructions for use:
Vacuum the surface before washing. Mix the product with water with dilution of 1:6 or 1:10 (depending on contamination). Mix the solution intensively to create foam. Apply the foam to the surface and scrub it with a sponge or brush. Do not over-saturate the carpet and vacuum it again


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