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Category: Universal Floor Cleaners



Description of products:

SIDOLUX UNIVERSAL is a line of six universal cleaning agents with original scents: Marseille soap, orange Marseille soap, lily of the valley, lemon, marine and flower bouquet. The unique Soda Power system ensures cleaning efficiency intensified by the operation of soda. Verified formula guarantees efficiency and comfort of use.

The SODA POWER system is a verified system for removing dirt and softening water. Thanks to it, dirt particles are separated from the surface faster and more efficiently and the floor becomes impeccably clean. SODA POWER:

  • Effectively removes dirt;
  • Does not leave smudges;
  • Leaves long-lasting and nice scent.


Thanks to the SODA POWER system, cleaning of every surface becomes easier, faster and definitely more effective.  


Available capacities: 1000 ml, 5000 ml


Available scents:                                                                                                  

 Marseille soap;

Orange Marseille soap;

Flower bouquet;



Lily of the valley;

Seasonal limited scents: Spring bouquet, Japanese cherry blossom.


Any queries you may have, please call

0 - 801 618 681

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