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Sidolux All in One for Non-wooden Surfaces

capacity: 750 ml

A revolutionary product that can be used for cleaning, shining, as well as renovation of surfaces made of materials other than wood. You will not find any other similar product on the market!

If you have floors made of materials other than wood in your home, than this cleaner is perfect for you. Sidolux All in One for Non-wooden Surfaces is ideal for cleaning, shining, renovation and protection of floors. You can securely apply it to surfaces made of materials, such as panels, terrazzo, floor tiles, PVC and other.

The secret of this product lies in the unique Super Clean system. It makes floors are clean and left without streaks. In addition, its formula protects surfaces from re-deposition of dirt. Polymers contained in the concentrated formula make surfaces have delicate and satin sheen. Moreover, these compounds form a special layer that protects floors from mechanical damage. Whether the product is used for cleaning, shining or renovation depends only on the concentration in which it is used. Sidolux All in One is a great option for people who are looking for many applications enclosed in one bottle.

Product characteristics:
- Universal (for cleaning, shining, caring and protecting surfaces);
- Effectively cleans and removes dirt;
- Protects surfaces against mechanical damage;
- Creates anti-slip coating and increases safety of use;
- Protects against deposition of dirt;
- Gives shine and refreshes appearance of floors (without polishing);
- Protects floors against harmful effects of moisture.

Instructions for use:
Cleaning: Pour 2 caps of liquid into 5 litres of water. Clean the surface with a cloth or mop.

Shining and renovation: Apply the concentrated cleaner to a clean, degreased surface and spread it on the floor with a cloth without rubbing and polishing. After applying three such shining layers and before applying a new one, remember to clean the floor with Cleanlux – Remover for Sidolux.

Polished surface care: regularly, at east twice a week clean the floor with a solution prepared of 3 cups of the agent and 5 litres of water.


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