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for windows and mirrors


Sidolux Crystal - Flower

capacity: 500 ml

Let the sunbeams come into your house. Use the glass cleaner to keep your windows clean and transparent for a long time, and additionally, it will bring some floral scent to your home!

Sidolux Cristal formula is based on alcohol and the Nano Code technology. The alcohol supports cleaning and guarantees no streaks. The Nano Code creates coating invisible to the naked eye, which protects glass against re-deposition of dirt. How does this system work? Nanoparticles contained in the product form a protective coating and ensure uniform distribution of water on the surface during rain. For this reason, it is difficult to find any water stains on the glass after the rain. Moreover, the layer of nanoparticles protects against formation of other contamination. According to our research, glass remains cleaner for at least two times longer than after using a traditional glass cleaner.  

Product characteristics:
- Effectively cleans and removes dirt;
- Does not leave streaks;
- Easy to apply;
- With Nano Code technology;
- Protects against deposition of dirt.

Instructions for use:
Spray the surface with the cleaner, and then wipe it dry with paper towels or a cloth.


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