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for windows and mirrors


Sidolux Crystal - Lemon

capacity: 500 ml

Lemon power of clean windows enclosed in one bottle! This product makes that after cleaning windows remain cleaner two times longer than when using other cleaning agents. Besides that, the alcohol-based cleaner does not leave streaks and leaves a pleasant lemon scent.

Alcohol is the main component of the cleaner. It is responsible for removing any dirt from glass without leaving streaks. Another very important part of its formula is the Nano Code technology. It creates an invisible coating on glass surface, making deposition of dirt more difficult, and the rain flows down evenly without leaving stains. This allows glass to be cleaner for up to two times longer than when cleaned with other glass cleaners.

Product characteristics:
- Effectively cleans and removes dirt;
- Does not leave streaks;
- Easy to apply;
- With Nano Code technology;
- Protects against deposition of dirt.

Instructions for use:
Spray the surface with the cleaner, and then wipe it dry with paper towels or a cloth.

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