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Sidolux Expert for Protection and Shine – Wood

capacity: 500 ml, 750 ml, 5000 ml

Wooden floor will regain its shine when you use Sidolux Expert for wood protection and shine. The product gives excellent shine and in addition it fills microdamages and protects surfaces from further damage and water ingress!

The power of the product lies in special polymers contained in the liquid. After spreading it on the floor it creates a special layer. It gives shine and protects wooden surfaces against scratches and harmful effects of water activity, hence non-aesthetic bulging. You can be sure that when using this product your floor will look like new!

Product characteristics:
- Gives shine and refreshes appearance of floors without polishing;
- Protects floors against mechanical damage;
- Creates anti-slip coating and increases safety of use;
- Protects against deposition of dirt.

Instructions for use:
Apply the concentrated cleaner to a clean, degreased surface and spread it gently using a cloth. Do not polish! After applying three such shining layers and before applying a new one, remember to clean the floor with Cleanlux – Remover for Sidolux.

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