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Sidolux M Anti Dust Spray - Aloe

capacity: 400 ml

The main features of the cleaner are: convenient spray atomiser, high efficiency of cleaning without streaks and scrubbing, great caring properties and the aloe scent.

Irreplaceable assistant in the pursuit of cleanliness of your furniture and other hard surfaces! Unique recipe, combined with a convenient spray atomiser makes cleaning of furniture is simple, fast and effective. The effectiveness of the cleaner is demonstrated by an anti-static coating. After product application, furniture is protected against re-deposition of dirt and dust. The formula is  complemented by the aloe scent, which will last in your home for a long time after cleaning!

Product characteristics:
- Effectively cleans and removes dirt;
- Leaves wonderful and long-lasting scent;
- Protects against deposition of dirt;
- Easy to apply;
- Protects surfaces against harmful effects of moisture.

Instructions for use:
Spray a soft cloth with the cleaner and wipe the surface. Wipe it until dry.


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