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Sidolux Professional for Fireplaces

capacity: 250 ml

Indispensable aid for cleaning ovens and fireplaces. It successfully restores their shine and also removes all burns and dirty stains.

The cleaner is an active gel that is applied to surfaces with a spray atomiser. Due to its high viscosity, it does not flow down on vertical surfaces, so cleaning elements, such as fireplace vertical glass is very easy. The product effectively removes all burns even those dried for a long time. Ovens, fireplaces and other areas prone to high temperatures are its element!

Product characteristics:
- Effectively cleans and removes dirt;
- Easy to apply.

Instructions for use:
Before use, shake the bottle and spray it directly onto the surface. After few minutes, wipe it with a cloth or sponge. In case of very dirty surfaces, repeat the cleaning procedure.


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