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Sidolux Professional for Fridges

capacity: 250 ml

Cleaning agent for cleaning the inside of fridges and freezers. It effectively fights different kinds of dirt typical for cooling chambers. The product can be used without having to defrost!

The product effectively removes light frost, unpleasant odours, and also extends freshness inside the chamber. Its formula has been prepared to slow down contamination of cleaned surfaces, and to leave scent that is pleasant and neutral for food inside the fridge.

Product characteristics:
- Effectively cleans and removes dirt;
- Removes unpleasant odours;
- Leaves pleasant and long-lasting scent;
- Easy to apply.

Instructions for use:
Spray the inside of the fridge/freezer/microwave oven with the liquid. Leave it for one minute. Wipe it with a damp cloth and polish until dry with a dry cloth or paper towel. For thicker layer of  greasy dirt repeat the cleaning procedure. Important! Defrost the freezer before cleaning.


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