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Sidolux Professional for Kitchen

capacity: 500 ml

Kitchen is often referred to as heart of the house. It is therefore important to take care for the heart to the highest possible extent. For all those who appreciate perfect order in their kitchen, we have created a special product - Sidolux Professional for Kitchen. It effectively deals with typical contamination occurring in kitchens, and what is very important - may come into contact with food!

Table tops, hoods, kitchen furniture, all surfaces made of chrome and nickel, ceramic, or made of varnished wood - you will clean all of them with our cleaner for kitchens! It is universal cleaning agent, with which you can take care of all common surfaces within the kitchen. Its formula has been prepared in such a way that it effectively removes food leftovers, dried dirt and grease. At the same time – what is very important – it does not adversely affect cleaned surfaces and may come into contact with food. After cleaning with this agent, besides cleanness, your kitchen will regain its freshness. Special scents will make preparing meals for your family even more enjoyable.

Product characteristics:
- Effectively cleans and removes dirt;
- Leaves wonderful and long-lasting scent;
- Easy to apply.

Instructions for use:
Spray the surface with the liquid. Leave it for one minute. Polish the surface with a dry cloth or paper towel. For more stubborn dirt, after one minute, wipe it with a damp sponge and polish until dry.


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