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Sidolux Universal Cleaner – Lemon

capacity: 1000 ml

Bring some cleanness and citrus energy to your home. Use the Sidolux Universal Cleaner with the lemon scent. The cleaner is perfect for everyday cleaning and will remove dirt from different kinds of surfaces and bring fresh scent of citrus fruits into your home.

Like all other products from the Universal line, product recipe is based on the Soda Power system. It provides the ease of removing all kinds of dirt and without the need for scrubbing. What distinguishes this cleaning agent from other universal products is its citrus scent, giving energy for a long time after cleaning. It can be safely used for cleaning different kinds of surfaces, such as floors or flower pots.

Product characteristics:
- Wonderful and long-lasting scent;
- Effectively cleans and removes dirt.

Instructions for use:
Pour 1,5 caps of liquid into 5 litres of water. Clean the surface with the solution.


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