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Sollux Organic Clean - Bottle and teat washing fluid.

capacity: 500 ml

Washing fluid for bottles, teats and other baby products. Thanks to a unique formula, it effectively removes juice and milk residue. At the same time the product is very soft to hand skin.

Method of use: add an amount of liquid corresponding to one push of the metering pump to the bottle, add warm water and thoroughly clean the bottle using a bottle-brush. Rinse with clean water. To clean teats or other similar products (e.g. teething rings), prepare a bath by adding an amount of liquid corresponding to two pushes of the metering pump to water and wash items with a sponge. Rinse thoroughly.

Contains only natural ingredients such as sugar, cocoa fatty acids and other organic ingredients. Therefore it poses no health risk, even for allergy sufferers and persons with sensitive skin.

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