Pearls of the FMCG Market – award for the Sidolux Dish Spa line

Pearls of the FMCG Market are an award indicating products that best fit into market trends and have a high resale potential; the manufacturer's marketing activities also contributed to the evaluation.

Awarded were given in many different categories, from teas and herbs to ready-made dishes. Our Sidolux Dish Spa dishwashing gels won in the "household chemicals" category. The jury appreciated their concentrated formula and high efficiency. The award of the main prize in this category was also influenced by hypoallergenicity and packaging aesthetics that made the product stand out from the competition

The award in the Pearls of the FMCG Market competition is a great distinction for us. Victory in the current edition is a proof that we do not rest on our laurels and boldly establish new courses of action. We try to maintain the highest quality of our products, especially in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, which made us pay more attention to cleaning and disinfecting agents. The award we have received is also a proof that our products are perfect for these difficult times.



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