Heroines of a clean house – Druta and Gabrysia

Our team was expanded by two outstanding experts. Druta and Gabrysia are two kitchen sponges that have become our brand's heroines. They accompany us and our customers in Social Media channels, contests and creative packages.

Druta and Gabrysia are spongy sisters, created to assist the recipients of our brand in cleaning. Druta is the older sister whose greatest passion is cleaning. In our posts, using her voice, we share tips on housekeeping, present the formulas and advantages of products, and present various tricks to deal even with the most difficult dirt. Gabrysia, on the other hand, is a soft sponge that takes cleaning a little less seriously. She does not want to waste time on cleaning and she chooses cleaning products not by their composition, but by their scent. In her posts, she teaches us about serenity, peace and rest. With her help, Customers can see that cleaning is not only a duty, but also a fun activity.

With the help of these two brand heroines, we also sent out creative packages to parenting and guidance media as well as influencers. Their introduction to our brand communication resulted in strengthening our positive image not only among adults, but also among children. With the help of Druta and Gabrysia, cleaning became much more pleasant and easier in many houses.



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