Lakma supports services fighting the COVID-19 epidemic

Doctors, nurses, firefighters, social workers, police officers. They are the ones who are particularly exposed to the virus during the coronavirus pandemic. In order for them to work in the safest possible conditions, we provided them with disinfectants.

Out of concern for those who are on the front line of the fight against the disease, we personally brought products that neutralise viruses, bacteria and fungi to the following medical care facilities: Municipal Hospital in Żory, Complex of Health Care Facilities in Cieszyn, Pediatric Hospital in Bielsko-Biała, Hospital of St. Camillus of the Camillian Order, Camillian Specialist Clinics and St. Father Pio Voivodeship Hospital in Przemyśl. We also donated antiviral cleaning products to the Municipal Nursing Home in Żory, Bursztyn Nursing Home in Kończyce, Gramy do Końca Foundation for the Słonecznik Single Mother's Home in Cieszyn, the Municipal Fire and Police Headquarters in Żory and the District Fire and Police Headquarters in Cieszyn.

All facilities are equipped with Sidolux Anti-Bac+ surface disinfectants and Sidolux Anti-Bac+ hand disinfection gels. Employees of health care, nursing homes, fire departments and the police also received supplies of disinfectant products from the Preseptol line: Preseptol DRN hand cleansing and disinfection gel as well as Preseptol QV surface disinfectant.
Our gesture was also a recognition of the hard and responsible work that is nowadays performed by people who are strongly exposed to direct contact with people infected with SARS-CoV-2. The professionalism shown by the heroes of our times in the fight against the pandemic is one of our guiding values.



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