Sidolux Dish Spa in a new, larger package

To meet the needs of consumers, we decided to expand the Sidolux Dish Spa line of dishwashing gels, introducing 3 new products to the market. They are an enlarged version of the already known products from the Dish Spa Aroma Boost and Dish Spa Strong series.

Last year, we started to sell Sidolux Dish Spa dishwashing gels, which were created to make this everyday activity more pleasant and easy. Due to the growing interest in the products and warm reception by customers, this year we decided to introduce new versions with increased capacity. Sidolux Dish Spa gels are characterised by amazing scents, full of delicate yet refreshing notes, as well as a highly concentrated formula that provides an effective and quick removal of dirt - even the one that sticks. The 1-litre Dish Spa is available in three variants – Aroma Boost melon, Aroma Boost lemon with star fruit and Strong basil with mint.



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