Washing mirrors and windows without streaks or stains?

The most effective ways to achieve perfect cleanliness of glass surfaces.

Dust, fingerprints, cosmetic and toothpaste residues, dried rain drops. We can find all this on our windows and mirrors, which can get dirty with a frightening speed. How to professionally and successfully get rid of the dirt?

It would seem that there is nothing easier than washing mirrors or windows. In practice, however, it turns out that it is not always as easy as it seemed.  Therefore, it is worth to know the methods and products that will certainly make it easier for us to clean and effectively get rid of the dirt, but also will not leave streaks or stains.

No newspapers for the windows

Not all homemade glass cleaning methods provide the desired results. They are certainly not guaranteed by just a cloth and water. To restore the shine of dusty, dirty mirrors and glass, you need more than that. The newspapers used by our mothers will not always work either. The printing technique has changed, so they can leave traces of paint and scratches on the glass surface, and we don't want that.

Vinegar and more

The most helpful is a microfiber cloth (not cotton – smudges guaranteed!) and a water wiper. The cleaner is sprayed on the surface from top to bottom and dried with the cloth in the opposite direction. The old homemade method of cleaning glass surfaces with water and vinegar brings good results, but it is better to use professional products with vinegar, which not only clean properly but also have a nice scent. Sidolux Crystal Fruit Vinegar contains fruit vinegar, which effectively removes dirt and prevents its building up. This is really visible, as the glass remains clean even twice as long as after using another product.


It is good to polish the mirrors after cleaning. Special cloths or... nylon tights and stockings can be helpful. It turns out that those torn and with ladders can still be useful for something.

Steam protection

Mirrors, which are located in the bathroom, should also be protected against the steam that often occurs in these rooms. There is a homemade way to do this – spreading a small amount of glycerine on their surface and polishing the mirrors again, however, it involves a bit of work. A quicker and more effective method is to use a special product – Sidolux Crystal – an anti-steam detergent for windows and mirrors.  Its base is alcohol, which not only ensures effective cleaning but also protects glass surfaces from steam.

Window cleaning weather

When washing windows, it is also worth remembering a few specific rules – for example, those concerning the weather. 

Sunny, hot days are not the best time to do it. Although it will be easy to see the dirt, all fluids will dry very quickly on the windows, before we can reach them with a cloth. This will bring the opposite effect in the form of unaesthetic streaks. Frosty, cold days are also not a good time to clean windows. They become fragile and may even crack during cleaning. It is best to clean them during the sunny mornings, when the temperature is optimal.

To the rescue for dirty windows

If the windows are extremely dirty it is not a good idea to wipe them dry before cleaning them with a paper towel. Very small, sometimes invisible particles could get on the glass and scratch it during friction. You can either wash the windows with water with a few drops of dishwashing liquid before using the cleaner or choose to use a strong detergent such as Sidolux Profi. It can effectively wash and degrease glass surfaces, leaves no streaks and guarantees a shine without the need of polishing, while at the same time it protects the windows from rain marks.

Pleasure rather than cleaning

Our time is precious. Our time is precious. If there is no need to spend long minutes polishing the mirrors and windows using old methods, why do it? We will achieve at least as good, and usually even better, results in a much shorter time by using modern methods and supplying our house with innovative cleaning products.

The most effective ways to achieve perfect cleanliness of glass surfaces.