Miracle-working vinegar, dusty cloths and more – 5 most popular myths about cleaning

It would probably be hard to find a person who would write it in the "hobbies" section of their CV, however, everyone does it, some of us every day. Cleaning is an activity necessary to maintain a clean and tidy environment, which affects our health and well-being. Sometimes, however, we reproduce misconceptions concerning the cleaning. Today we will deal with the five most popular myths!

1. Vinegar – the king of ecological cleaning

Recommended by experts from a cleaning company with many years of tradition "Grandmothers and Mums", described in the guides on ecological, sustainable lifestyle as almost the Holy Grail of organic cleaning products. Vinegar seems to be an ideal product – of natural origin, with strong cleaning power. Yes, vinegar, as a natural acid, is quite good for cleaning e.g. toilets or tiles, however, we sincerely advise against wiping wooden furniture or laminates with it, which can simply destroy them. For floors and furniture, it is best to decide on ready-made products, dedicated specifically for their hygiene and care.

2. No one cleans of their own free will

This is probably the most popular belief about cleaning – that it is simply punishment and without a doubt everyone if they could, would assign these terrible duties to someone else. This myth is often repeated by people whose time organisation generally leaves something to be desired or who are overworked. According to the research on cleaning habits and attitudes of Poles, carried out by ARC Rynek i Opinia, however, only 4% of us hate cleaning so much that we never want to do it. Of course, vacuuming, washing the dishes or polishing the sink after an exhausting day at work or doing homework with your child for hours seems a much less enjoyable option than quiet cleaning to the rhythm of your favorite music when you have more time available. However, for most of us, cleaning can be a source of satisfaction from the effect we achieve on our own.

3. Wiping off the dust only spreads it

Another popular myth concerns dusting. It warns against "blowing" it all over the room, which, according to many people, can be caused by sweeping the dust with cloths. Yes – the dust is light and loves to fly, but it is enough to moisten a piece of cloth (preferably made of microfiber) with water, and ideally with a special antistatic furniture cleaner to remove the dirt effectively and precisely, without spreading it around.

4. Playing a little chemist in your own home will allow you to create the perfect cleaning product

If one product cleans and disinfects toilets well and the other one smells so nice of lilac, then... Stop! Combining cleaning products on your own is a big mistake, which can end badly – in the luckiest cases, it can reduce the effectiveness of the products, and in the worst cases, it can create combinations harmful to our health. Offers of household chemicals manufacturers are so wide nowadays that everyone will really find something tailored to their needs and preferences, so there is no point and need to create home laboratory.

5. A house is not a hospital – there is no need for disinfection

Disinfection is often associated with serious actions carried out by even more serious-looking people in protective suits. In common sense, hospitals, public institutions where there is equipment that comes into direct contact with biological materials should be disinfected. Few people know, however, that in fact our house also requires disinfection, and not just casual cleaning! Viruses, bacteria, mould and fungi – all of this can be found under our roof – in the bathroom, kitchen, on the floor or on worktops... Fortunately, to perform household disinfection, we don't have to spend a lot of money, because products with a biocidal power, which fight bacteria, viruses and fungi, are generally available: Sidolux AntiBac series of antiviral and antibacterial products.




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