Antibacterial liquid for floors and other hard surfaces

Specialist floor cleaner and disinfectant. It precisely removes microbes and dirt.

Capacity: 750 ml | 5000 ml

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Preparation for disinfecting cleaning of floors made of water-resistant surfaces such as ceramics, varnished wood or plastics. It eliminates bacteria, fungus and dirt, leaving surfaces disinfected, clean and safe.

How to use

Diluted. Pour 50 ml of agent into 5L of water. For cleaning and disinfection, pour 250 ml of agent into 750 ml of water. Wash the surfaces with a mop or cloth. Leave it for 15 minutes. Without rinsing. For rapid disinfection, use without dilution. Apply directly to the cloth, clean the surfaces. Leave it for 3 minutes and then rinse with water. Important! Do not inhale vapours and aerosol of the product.

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